Phrases to Use [ Drag and Drop Quiz ]


Let me introduce myself.  
The purpose of this presentation  
There will be time to  
Before I begin, I’d like to thank  
My talk will take  
I’m David Davidson from…
Carol for inviting me to speak to you.
around 20 minutes.
is to promote the concept of ...
answer questions at the end.


The main advantage  
I've divided my presentation  
I'll be handing out  
If you have any questions,  
I'll start off by...  
First, I'll be looking at...,  
copies of the slides at the end.
second..., and third...
into three parts,...
Then I will move on to...
for you here is...
please interrupt me at any point.

Main part

Let me  
So, what does this  
To give you the  
So, let me give you  
As you can see,  
background to that,...
mean in terms of...?
a brief overview of...
talk you through...
the vertical axis represents...


Returning back to  
OK, turning for a moment to  
Let's move on to  
I'm going to start off by outlining  
Let's expand on  
our main goals today.
the subject of...
what I was saying earlier.
the subject of.... a little.
the question of...


As you can see,  
Let me  
To give you the  
So, let me give you  
So, what does this  
background to that,...
mean in terms of...?
a brief overview of...
the vertical axis represents...
talk you through...


I'd like to run  
Finally, I'd like to  
What I'd like to  
Well, this brings me to  
Remember what I said  
So, those are the main points that  
I prepared to help you make a decision.
highlight one key issue.
recommend is that...
the end of my presentation.
through my main points again...
at the start of my talk?

Question and Answer

Thank you for all your  
So, if I understood you correctly,  
I'm afraid I don't know the answer,  
I'm sorry, could you  
We have time for just  
Now I'll be happy to  
two more questions.
you would like to know whether...
but I'll try to find out for you.
answer any questions.
questions and comments.
repeat your question, please?