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David Adcock : Business-Coaching, Sprach-Coaching, Sprach-Training, Frankfurt am Main, Fremdsprachen-Coaching, Neuro-Coaching, Sprach-Coaching für Introvertierte


My Expertise

Systemic Communication Skills Training

Socializing and Networking

How to break the ice and have a meaningful conversation as well as understanding the art of storytelling.

Meetings and Discussions

How to chair and facilitate discussions and achieve objectives and key results within in allocated time frame.

Systemic Language Coaching

Career Coaching

How to identify your authentic career and find the ideal job and your true calling.

Language Coaching

How to find a targeted and individual method for making the learning process enjoyable and effective.

Systemic Business Coaching

Application of Psychology in Human Resorce Management

How to identify critical issues in HRM, analyse those topics by using Psychological concepts and apply those principles in action.


Offenbacher Landstraße 286

60599 Frankfurt am Main